EDULOG, Belmiro de Azevedo Foundation's think tank, will be hosting the International Conference

Economic development in Southern European Regions: Policies and higher education

25th and 26th May 2017, Porto, Portugal


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Patronage by Belmiro de Azevedo Foundation, University of Porto, RSAI, CCDRN and Portuguese Association of Geographers

Day 1: May 25th

  • 9am


  • 9.30am

    Welcome Address
    .Alberto Amaral - EDULOG Advisory Council
    .Maria João Ramos – Vice-Rector University of Porto
    .Fernando Freire de Sousa - President of the Norte Portugal Regional Coordination and Development Commission [CCDRN]

  • 10am

    Madalena Fonseca
    .Regional disparities in Southern Europe: prospective scenarios

  • 10.45am

    Coffee break

  • 11.15am

    Ugo Fratesi
    .Economic issues of southern European Regions

  • 12pm

    Andrés Rodriguez-Pose
    .Examining the Impact of Cohesion Expenditure in European Regions

  • 12.45pm


  • 2.15pm

    Joaquim Oliveira Martins
    .Regional Productivity catching-up and tradable sectors in Southern Europe

  • 3pm

    Parallel session 1
    .European Policies on Southern Europe
    Parallel session 2

  • 4.30pm

    Coffee break

  • 5pm

    Parallel session 3
    .Positive and Negative effects of growth policies in Southern Europe
    Parallel session 4
    .R&D and Innovation Policies

Day 2: May 26th

  • 9am

    Parallel session 5
    .Large projects and strategies for educational policies in Southern Europe

  • 10.30am

    Alberto Amaral
    .Trends of higher education and research in Southern European countries

  • 11am

    Coffee break

  • 11.30am

    John Edwards
    .The role of higher education in smart specialization

  • 12.15am

    Francisco Queiró
    .The Effect of Manager Education on Firm Growth

  • 1pm


  • 2.30pm

    A national debate
    .A closer look at the Portuguese socioeconomic context, prospective scenarios and the role of human capital and education

    Elisa Ferreira – Bank of Portugal
    Daniel Bessa - Economist
    José Varejão – University of Porto
    Ester Silva – Norte Portugal Regional Coordination and Development Commission
    Pedro Teixeira (moderator) – University of Porto